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GMA’s Crafts and Treats, owned by Gwendolyn Alexander, offers a selection of delightful home decor products, accessories, and a catering service that provides delicious homemade dishes. Gwen brings a creative spirit to her work and loves developing a new pattern or perfecting a new recipe.

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Gwen has been sewing, crocheting, and crafting since her home economics class in the 11th grade. Today, GMA’s Crafts and Treats offers unique masks, accessories, and a selection of holiday decorations that will add festive warmth to your home.


The GMA’s Crafts and Treats menu is fueled by Gwen’s love for cooking and baking. Since 2007, GMA’s has offered baked goods—including pies, sweet breads, and dessert waffles—that taste like visiting Grandma’s house. GMA’s baked goods are always made fresh directly before an event and never frozen. 


Starting in 2014, GMA’s grew their menu to include a selection of tasty, homemade soulfood dishes. For years, Gwen catered church, family, and special events as a volunteer—her family and community enjoyed her cooking so much that they encouraged Gwen to open her own restaurant. She finally said, “Okay, let's start out somewhere small and see what happens!”  So...Sho' Nuff Soulfood had its humble beginnings on June 14, 2013 at the Anchorage Juneteenth Celebration. Since that first event, Sho’Nuff has grown to offer a variety of options for large events and a selection of meals that can be ordered (and delivered) in batches of three or more. Let GMA’s serve-up some delicious food for your next event or fill your fridge with our good home cooking (that you don’t have to cook!).

About Gwen

Gwen's career has spanned event coordination, fundraising, customer service, research, and identity protection. She enjoys helping others and is a firm believer that only by working together can we make things work.


Gwen started cooking with her mother at age 8 and has loved it ever since! Her mother was a Head Cook at a General Dynamics Factory in California—she always cooked from scratch and taught Gwen to do the same. Through GMA’s, Gwen shares her delicious family recipes with Anchorage.

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